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How To Play Tri Card Poker

A Simple Guide to Tri Card Poker

Tri Card Poker is one of the most confusing casino games. With all of its rules and patterns, it is not uncommon for beginners to find themselves perplexed. Ironically, the game is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and is even regarded as the most coveted-table game. Hence, those who have mastered the rules of the game technically couldn’t help but get addicted to the fun, excitement, and prizes this table game has in store. If you are a beginner or a first-time player of Tri Card Poker, you need to understand the basic concepts behind the game first before landing on a sure win.

Tri Card Poker – Simple History

The famous Tri Card Poker is actually a derivative of the popular British game called brag. In the early times, the game was originally referred to as “Primero” since it is a speedy game of three cards. A few years after, the game of Primero was renamed as “Post-and-Pair.” Soon enough, for simplicity reasons, the players of the game called it “brag.” When it spread all over the world, and reached the Atlantic, the game was called the Casino Brag or Brit-Brag, however, since most of its players find it a bit intimidating, they simply resorted into calling it “pochen” the German term for “brag”. When the game reached the American soil, it became famous due to its simple yet striking name: Tri Card Poker.

Tri Card Poker – The Setup

Tri Card Poker consists of two games played in one sitting with the use of a singled deck of 52 cards. The first game is called the Play/Ante game. This is the part where the player is betting against the dealer to find out who among them has the higher hand. The second game is called the Pair Plus game where the player bets on dealing with a pair or better. While some casinos offer the option for one to bet on one game alone, most actually mandates that a player bets on the Play/Ante game prior to proceeding to the Pair Plus game.

At the Tri Card Poker table, there are three distinct betting circles in front of each player’s seat. The Pair plus Game’s betting circle is the top most one. This is where the player puts his bet if he wants to proceed to the Pair Plus game. The other two circles that are found below the Pair Plus game betting circle are labelled Ante and Play, where players can put their bets for the Play/Ante or the base game. There will be one dealer at the table. A shuffling machine is also essential for speedy shuffling in the entire duration of the game.

Tri Card Poker – The Gameplay

At the start of the game, players are expected to bet on the games equal to the table minimum. After putting their bets on the circles, the dealer will be providing each of the players a three-card hand. The game begins with the player on the right side of the dealer all the way to the rest.

Ante/ Play Game

When one has wagered on the Ante circle, he is given the option to either play or fold after viewing the cards on his hands. If he folds, the Ante wager he has made will be forfeited. If he decides to play, he must put a bet on the Play circle with an amount equal to the one he placed on the Ante bet circle. Once everyone in the table has already made their decision, the dealer will show his three card hand. The dealer’s hand should contain a queen or any other high-value cards for him to continue. If he doesn’t have any of these high-value cards, all active players will be paid for their bets on the Ante wager circle while their Play circle bet will be returned.

On the other hand, if the dealer’s hand has any of these high-value cards, his hand will be compared to each of the players’ hands. If the dealer’s hand beats the player’s, the player will lose both his bets on two different circles. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s, he will be paid for both of bets. In the event that there is a tie, the player automatically wins.

Tri Card Poker – The Hand Rankings

Straight Flush – three sequential card belonging to the same suit
Three of a Kind – three cards of the same value belonging to different suits
Straight – three sequential cards of any suit
Flush – three cards belonging to the same suit
Pair – two cards of the same value
High Card – one of the highest cards is in the player’s hand
Tri Card Poker – The Pair Plus Game

The Pair Plus game is only applicable when the player has a pair on his hand. Regardless of whether or not the dealer has qualified of having a queen or any other high-ranking card on his hand, a player is qualified to this type of game or bet once he has a pair or higher-ranking cards. If the player has wagered on the betting circle of this game, his hand is checked for a pair, if he does have one, he automatically wins. If he doesn’t have a pair, he loses.

Apr 13, 2016
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