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How To Play Keno

A Simple Guide to Keno

Keno offers the most exciting yet easy-to-follow gameplay. Casino gamblers around the world enjoy this game as a mean of recreation and a delightful pastime. The mechanism of Keno or the game per se is closely associated to lotto. The best similarity that can be noted between the two is the fact that players only play a round or wager at relatively small and affordable bets. This idea is even seen as the main reason why many people patronize this casino game. What’s good about games such as Lotto ad Keno is that they give everyone the equal chance of winning large jackpots or pay-outs albeit the small wagers. Hence, if there’s one casino game that would be ideal for casino beginners to choose, it would most definitely be Keno.

How to Play Keno – Simple History

Keno, like Pai Gow, originated from China. It can be said that the game was developed after Pai Gow was established. The Chinese loved the game for its easy-to-follow rules. Furthermore, they became really inebriated by the idea of winning the jackpot prizes of the said game. However, instead of cash or a large sum of money like what the modern-world players enjoy nowadays, the ancient Chinese delight over winning certain ornaments, objects, and the likes, which have precious value for them during that time.

In the mid-1800s when a number of Chinese immigrants flew to the US to work in mines and in railroads, they brought with them the game as a form of pastime during long breaks or in holidays. Later, due to the cultural assimilation of certain Americans, the game was formally introduced to the public, but instead of winning ornaments and stuff, the game saw its interesting momentum when players began to declare large sums of cash as prizes to the winners of the game. Finally, since the original Chinese version used 80 distinct Chinese characters, the Americans decided to change this into 80 Arabic numerals for favorable understanding.

How to Play Keno – The Setup

Keno is typically played in certain lounges inside the casino to provide a special and comfy space to its players. However, there are also instances where gamblers who want to play outside of the lounge are accepted. They can scatter in the casino area particularly in drinking halls with the aid of the so-called ‘Keno runners.’ These people serve to collect the tickets of outside Keno players and they also claim or deliver the winnings of the players. In addition, the outside keno players are prompted by the whereabouts of the game through the television monitors casinos provide all over the place.

The setup of the game is similar to Lotto as well. There is a barrel that contains about 80 numbered balls. Then, there is a single presenter who draws out 20 numbered balls from the 80. Keno board markers are on stand-by to list down the drawn numbers, for easy verification of the players. The players will be provided with Keno tickets with certain digits on it. There is no limit to the number of ticket one wants to use in a certain round. Then, the players will simply follow the flow of the gameplay, by marking their tickets with the Keno crayons the lounge provides along with the tickets.

How to Play Keno – The Gameplay

Before a round begins, Keno players are requested to mark the numbers on the Keno tickets they have. One can choose to mark a minimum of 4 numbers but no more than 10. The numbers to choose from range from 1 to 80 only. Each selected number is referred to as a ‘spot’, hence, when one chose to select 10 digits, he is said to play a 10-spot game. Then, they shall present their tickets and their wagers to the Keno lounge desk, or if one has a Keno runner, and then the Keno runner will be the one to do this step. The clerk on the desk will then simply give the players a duplicate ticket with their marked numbers on it. The round will begin once the presenter starts to draw the balls from the barrel. He is to draw out 20 numbered balls. If all of the player’s marked numbers came out within the 20 drawn balls, he automatically wins. If not, he loses.

How to Play Keno – The Pay-out

The minimum bet in playing Keno could be as low as 5 cents or a single dollar. Keno lounge desks are equipped with Keno brochures, where one can readily see the payoff information and the available tickets to choose from. The pay-out or the sum of cash the winner takes depends on the type of ticket he availed and the number of spots he used. Out of one’s $1 wager, he could actually win as much as $50,000. The prize then increases proportionally to the value of the wager.

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Apr 13, 2016
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