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How To Play Craps

A Simple Guide to Craps

Deemed as the most exciting casino game, it is not surprising that players and spectators in this game whoop and holler with high-fives and all sorts of lively gestures for every winning round. Most people even tag this game as the “all-emotion show” because of its upbeat and fast-paced gameplay and mechanism. Craps is not only fast-moving it also tends to be very loud. While many would see this game as the most entertaining one, it is uncommon for beginners and first-time casino players to get intimidated by craps. Many beginners who would like to know the game simply let the opportunity pass as approaching the noisy and hyped up crowd at the craps table tend to scare or demoralize them. If you feel this way as well, it is time to finally cease the unnecessary drama and learn the basics of craps.

How to Play Craps – Simple History

Craps is simple a game that utilizes dice. The art of creating or playing dice actually originated from the Chinese, who used the said objects both in summoning spirits and in dividing lands or properties. There are also written texts that strongly suggest that the game of dice originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, although the dice as an essential tool for craps are found to have originated in Asian countries, the game itself was developed by both the Native American and the Roman soldiers, who wanted to solve certain problems by imploring the aid of the game of chance. Later, the game was properly established in France and England in the 18th and 19th centuries. Soon enough, the game became a worldwide phenomenon.

How to Play Craps – The Setup

There is a special type of table used for craps; it is specially designed to ensure efficiency while playing the game without compromising the rules of the game. A set of dice is used during the entire duration of the craps. The dice should be genuine and in perfect condition to ensure that the game isn’t biased towards any party: the player and the house. Most casinos even strictly implement that the dice should be replaced every after eight hours, since this is the average time for the dice to retain its shape after all the heavy rolling. The craps table generously accommodates up to 20 players. The crew for this game include: the Stickman, Boxman, and two dealers.

How to Play Craps – The Gameplay

Craps is an exciting game albeit its somehow tricky and confusing gameplay. Many beginners find it very challenging as there are about 40 different bet patterns to take note and follow. The odds of the game become even evident with the craps layout that first-time players do not necessarily understand right away. Nevertheless, what most craps players do not know is that there is only one basic betting principle they need to grasp in order to make it through the game: the passline bet.

The passline bet is done when one wagers on the passline prior to the rolling of the next shooter, which is generally referred to as the come out roll. The player must then observe if the outcome is a 7 or an 11. When this happens the player wins. On the other hand, when the outcome is a 2, 3, or 12, the player loses. If, in any case, the outcome is any other number aside from the ones given, that number becomes the point number. Then, the shooter is required to roll the dice again and hopefully land on the same point number before a 7 comes out. When this happens the player wins. If a 7 appears before that point number does, the player lose, and the dice are passed to the next shooter.

Aside from the passline bet, there is also the “odds bet” that one should take note of. The odds bet is done when the bettor makes an additional bet aside from the passline bet after the point number has been established. Since this type of bet doesn’t have a house edge, it is primarily pad off by the odds. In making an odds bet, you one must ask the casino whether or not it offers double odds. This means the player can be allowed to double its odds bet. No matter how simple this may sound, one should take note of the following odds bet pay-out system, so as not to get confused:

4 or 10 points will pay out 2 to 1
5 or 9 points will pay out 3 to 2
6 or 8 will pay out 6 to 5

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Apr 13, 2016
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