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How To Play Casino War

A Simple Guide to Casino War

Before you even imagine guns, panzers, and pretty much all weapons of mass destruction, you should know by now that casino war is a game intended to be played in luxurious, classy, and upscale setting inherent of a casino. But yes! It is still a war, and your only weapon is your keen sense of knowing where the high-valued cards are.

Simple History

Casino War sprang forth from the unique card game called “War,” which was technically designed to be played by two people. The players would get half of the deck of cards each, with the main goal of getting the other half from the other. Soon enough, gamblers began innovating this game and decided to add more decks to it to give way to the increase in the number of players.

The Setup

Casino war is played in a typical casino table. The number of card decks used is not at all definite, but the most certain thing to know about this game is it uses a lot of decks. Many casinos however limit the number of decks to five only. These decks are being continuously being shuffled by a shuffling machine in the entire duration of the game. The games is not particular with card suits, the only thing one must take note about the values of the cards is that the aces have the highest value above the rest. On the playing table, players are expected to place their bets on the wagering circles on the table. There will only be a single dealer at the table.

The Gameplay

At the casino war table, the dealer is in charge of delivering one card face up to each player, and a single card that he gets to keep to himself. Players with cards that have higher values than the card the dealer is holding automatically wins the said round. Players with lower values automatically lose. All winners will get an even number of chips as the ones they have provided on their wagering circles.

While the gameplay seem to be very simple and easy-to-conquer, players must be wary of lading on a tie with the dealer. When a tie happens, the succeeding rounds will become tricky for the player. For one, prior to the occurrence of the tie, the game is deemed to be break-even, which means when the player wins he gets to gain an even amount of what he has wagered, then he simply bets on the next round with his own bet based on his own volition. However, in cases where there is a tie, the house gains more financial edge over the player. The player is required to double his bet for the next round, which is similar to risking two bets in one round. On the other hand, the dealer only matches the player’s bet with a single. Hence, the player will play or wager two bets to gain an equivalent of one from the dealer. Nonetheless, the player may simply surrender half of what he has wagered and forgo the war.

Finally, while the occurrence of a tie may be seen as a challenging obstacle, casino war also provides a separate incentive for a tie wager. This is only applicable on the first cards of the round. When the dealer and the player obtain the same values on their first cards, the player wins with a payoff equivalent to 10 to 1. This is most certainly the best way to start a round.

Playing casino war is absolutely the easiest thing you will ever do next to arranging matchsticks on your kitchen table. One may even be surprised that the game is easier than any other game, most especially blackjack. The similarity of blackjack and casino war lies not on the use of multiple decks of cards, but in terms of how they are played and how they are triumphed. Nevertheless, although the game is pretty simple and easy-to-follow, it still has certain principles and particularities that need to be grasped in full, for one to enjoy that unique impression and taste of fun and entertainment.
Apr 13, 2016
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