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  1. Brent306
  2. Brent306
  3. Brent306
  4. Brent306
  5. RyanWeb
  6. roseBad
    Hi guys ! I wanna know if which Casino w/ fast cash out?
    1. SherKev
      Mar 31, 2017
  7. 12win
    12 win is one of the best online casino gaming service providers in online. Get the enjoyment of online gaming in your free time.
  8. RyanWeb
    Can't believe its almost Christmas... Will get some new Christmas bonuses added shortly!
  9. RyanWeb
    RyanWeb MarkLester
    Welcome to the forum MarkLester, Watch for our upcoming post about earning $$ just by posting here..
  10. MarkLester
    Hello everyone I'm new here hope to have a new friends and new useful information on how to be a good player in gambling.
    1. FrankC
      Welcome. :)
      Oct 22, 2016
  11. FrankC
    "You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take."—Wayne Gretzky
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  12. FrankC
    Word is the weather is about to get hot. Real hot.
    1. SherKev
      yes it is! keep cool :)
      Jul 26, 2016
  13. RyanWeb
    Losing writers right and left! help...
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    2. FrankC
      Roger that. Help in-bound.
      Jul 23, 2016
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    3. playthegame
      Not sure how long I'm back for, but if I can help I will.
      Aug 10, 2016
  14. FrankC
    FrankC Koko Ren
    Hello and welcome to the forum. :)
  15. SherKev
    SherKev playthegame
    thinking of you! haven't seen you around in a long time, hope all is well my friend
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    2. RyanWeb
      I second this comment! All ive had to read since you've been gone at super short 500 word posts at best lol.. jk! Hope you are doing well!
      Jun 30, 2016
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    3. playthegame
      Thanks SherKev. I'm back for the week (I think)...a lot's happened of course...thank you for the well wishes and thinking of me! I hope you have been ok and things are going well for you!

      And thanks Ryan! lol @ the 500 word posts at best. I'm sure it's started to feel more like Twitter than the Online Casino Community of endless paragraphs ;)
      Aug 10, 2016
  16. MelissavdW27
    So tired...MUST. GET. COFFEE!!!
  17. emoyu123
    If you must play, Decide upon three things at the start: The RULES of the game, the STAKES and the QUITTING time.
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    2. kalembu
      well said! thumbs up.!
      May 31, 2016
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  18. emoyu123
    Life is a gamble, At terrible odds - If it was a bet "You wouldn't take it"
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    2. kalembu
      It varies from person to person.
      May 31, 2016
  19. FrankC
    FrankC DarkMeadow
    Welcome to the forum. If I may be of any assistance, just let me know. Cheers. :)
  20. FrankC
    FrankC Anastasia27
    Welcome to the community. :)